Dr. John Marshall hosted a panel at the 2018 Ruesch Center Annual Symposium focused on tumor targets. Panel guests were Dr. Eric Collisson, Dr. Channing Der, and Dr. Michael Korn.

Dr. Eric Collisson discusses the emergence in oncology of a new class of drugs called PARP inhibitors. These have been more commonly used in breast cancer, but are now making in impact on GI Cancers. Genetics and molecular profiling are helping doctors and scientists develop treatments that have a great chance of success.

Dr. Channing Der talks about anti RAS therapies and discusses the genetic complexities of cancer, but suggests we’re making progress on developing treatments to target cancer in certain genetic makeups. He also notes that teamwork among researchers and doctors in the pancreatic space is pretty strong at the moment which is helping advance science.

Dr. Michael Korn adds the conversation by saying “we’re witnessing now the translation of the idea of personalized medicine into clinical reality.” He talks about RAS mutations and the realization that there is very complex genomic picture in almost all gastrointestinal cancers. He says, we’re “chasing the cancer’s tail.”

Visit the Ruesch Center website.

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