The front room was crowded with lab members. Some hunched over a bench and others gingerly dodged with full trays between rooms. One lab member, gripping tweezers with the grace of a Venetian painter, dedicatedly arranged sprinkles on a rainbow-glazed sugar cookie.

Take the energy of a family holiday dinner and the methodological focus of scientists: this is the Cox Lab Annual Cookie Bake. Almost every member brought their own batch of dough or pre-baked cookies, piling the living room TV console and the dining room table with freshly measured or newly baked goods.

cox lab, der lab, cookies
Dr. Adrienne Cox, along with the Cox and Der labs, decorates sugar cookies.

Chocolate chip, corn, chocolate-cranberry-walnut, almond spritz, and lemon zest– the mountain of plates and platters astounded the eye.

“This is the first year we’ve invited the Der Lab,” said Dr. Adrienne Cox, head of Cox Lab and owner of the home whose front door was blocked by shoes.

“I started this tradition when the Cox Lab was only four people.” She laughed. “This is much bigger.”

With warm food and company, we hope the Der and Cox labs continue to grow!





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