Members of the Der, Cox and Campbell labs at UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center and members of the Wood and Counter labs at Duke University came together, once again, at Emerald Isle for their annual scientific retreat May 25-29, 2014.

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*Donita Brady (Counter lab) “Copper is required for oncogenic BRAF signaling and tumorigenesis”
*Bingying Zhou (Cox lab) “Melanoma dependence on mutant NRAS and wild type KRAS”
*Katie Singleton (Wood lab) “Notch1-driven resistance to targeted therapies”
*Aaron Hobbs (Campbell lab) “Biochemical characterization of cysteine oxidation associated with the lung cancer mutant, RasG12C”
*Sarah Jo Stephen (Counter lab) “Potential Role for Codon Bias in Differential Drug Resistance in Cells Expressing Oncogenic HRAS versus KRAS”
*Kirsten Bryant (Der lab) “Pancreatic Cancer Cells Exhibit Heterogeneous Glucose and Glutamine Metabolic Dependencies”
*Matt Crowe (Counter Lab) “Generation of mice with a conditional S194A mutation in Rala”
*Aldo Nascimento (Kashatus lab) “Ras promotes mitochondrial fission to drive tumor growth”
*Ryan Thurman (Campbell lab) “Role of Monoubiquitination in Ras Activity and Effector Recognition”
*Meagan Ryan (Cox/Der labs) “ERK-mediated regulation of PREX1 in KRAS-driven pancreatic cancer”
*Swapnil Kher (Der lab) “Evaluation of two novel pharmacologic inhibitors of Raf for pancreatic cancer treatment”
*Peter Winter (Wood lab) “Ras effector pathways drive resistance JAK2 inhibitors by suppressing BAD-mediated apoptosis”
*Megan Arrington (Campbell lab) “Rac1 cysteine oxidation alters nucleotide exchange, activity and effector recognition”
*Angelina Vaseva (Der lab) “Ras meets Myc”
*Lu Huang (Counter lab) “Decreased tumorigenesis in mice with a Kras point mutation at C118”
*Minh Huynh (Campbell lab) “Insight into preferential NRasQ61 mutation in melanoma”
*Kent Rossman (Der lab) “Is KRAS G13D druggable?”

*Jamie Weyandt (Counter lab) “Wild-type Hras suppresses oncogenic Kras-driven pancreatic Cancer”
*Grace Anderson (Wood lab) “ERK/SRC pathway synthetic lethality in PIK3CA-mutant colorectal cancers”
*Guowei Yin (Campbell lab) “Exploring Lys16 in KRas: Structure, Function and Druggability”
*Samuel George (Der lab) Wild type Ras: oncogene or tumor suppressor?
*Ashley Ferguson (Kashatus lab) “The role of RalA and RalBP1 in starvation induced mitochondrial elongation”
*Minu Ramanan (Campbell lab) “Towards a novel platelet inhibitor: Targeting the C1 domain of RasGRP2 to inhibit Rap1b”
*Irem Dagliyan (Der lab) “Patient tumor xenograft-derived pancreatic cancer cell lines: are they better?”
*MengMeng Xu (Counter lab) “Evaluating copper chelation as a therapeutic in a mouse model of oncogenic BRAF-driven thyroid cancer”
*Merve Cakir (Wood lab) “Genome-guided design of anticancer prodrugs”
*Meagan Ryan (Der lab) “Two ERK stories”
*Erin Kaltenbrun (Counter lab) “Exploring codon-dependent expression of KRAS during tumorigenesis”

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