PanCAN PurpleStride 04 -29 -2023

PurpleStride is the number one way the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCan) raises money to fight pancreatic cancer on all fronts — through research, clinical initiatives, patient services, advocacy, and nationwide volunteer support. On Saturday, April 29, 2023, 60 PurpleStride events took place across the country to honor pancreatic cancer survivors, families, and caregivers, as … Continue reading PanCAN PurpleStride 04 -29 -2023


Congratulations to the running RAScals for being the third fastest team at the Blue Ribbon Run this weekend! We have some marathon heroes to be proud of: Coming in first place for the Running RAScals and first place in his age group was Clint Stalnecker.  Additionally, big congrats to first time individual medalist Kristė Drizyte-Miller, who placed third … Continue reading DER LAB BLUE RIBBON RUN 2023

Congratulations, Dr. Irem Dagliyan!

Congratulations to Irem Dagliyan for successfully passing her doctoral defense! Irem presented Low dose vertical inhibition of ERK MAPK cascade for the treatment of KRAS-mutant cancer in 4007 Genetic Medicine Building. Afterword, she celebrated her success with her labmates, friends, and family. We are excited for Irem to begin her new journey as Dr. Irem Dagliyan!   … Continue reading Congratulations, Dr. Irem Dagliyan!

Der Lab Blue Ribbon Tour 2019

  August 5, 2019 Today, the Der and Cox labs were visited by the Blue Ribbon group of Wilmington, NC. The Blue Ribbon Run raises money for the Julie M. Brown and Christina M. Gianoplus Fund for Colon Cancer Research from Wilmington, NC. Members of the group included Ana Boudreau, event founder, and Sarah Powell, a … Continue reading Der Lab Blue Ribbon Tour 2019

Congratulations, Nate Diehl and Jenny Klomp!

Nate Diehl was awarded an NCI F30 Individual Predoctoral MD/Ph.D. fellowship entitled “Validation of WEE1 kinase as a clinical target in KRAS-mutant pancreatic cancer”. Jenny Klomp, Ph.D., was awarded an NCI F32 Individual Postdoctoral fellowship entitled “Defining the roles of the ERK MAPK in driving KRAS-mutant pancreatic cancer growth”. Congratulations to you both!

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Tumor Targets Panel– Ruesch Center Annual Symposium 2018 Dr. John Marshall hosted a panel at the 2018 Ruesch Center Annual Symposium focused on tumor targets. Panel guests were Dr. Eric Collisson, Dr. Channing Der, and Dr. Michael Korn. Dr. Eric Collisson discusses the emergence in oncology of a new class of drugs called PARP inhibitors. These have been more commonly used in … Continue reading Tumor Targets Panel– Ruesch Center Annual Symposium 2018

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UNC Lineberger Writes: Researchers identify resistance mechanism to possible pancreatic cancer treatment

In the journal Cancer Cell, UNC Lineberger's Channing Der, PhD, and colleagues described how pancreatic cancer may develop resistance to ERK inhibitors in pancreatic cancer. November 16, 2018 Despite decades of research, treatments that can target a common mutation in the most frequently diagnosed type of pancreatic cancer have remained elusive. Now, University of North … Continue reading UNC Lineberger Writes: Researchers identify resistance mechanism to possible pancreatic cancer treatment

Der Lab gather outside for the Purple Stride Run

PurpleStride Raleigh-Durham 2018: Running RAScals

UNC's Running RAScals (aka the Der Lab at UNC Lineberger & Friends) participated in this year’s PanCAN #PurpleStride run on Saturday, April 21st.  This 5k run raises money to support the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.  The team, organized by Kirsten Bryant, raised $10,839 to support Pancreatic Cancer Research, coming in Fifth in overall fundraising! This was the Der Lab's fifth … Continue reading PurpleStride Raleigh-Durham 2018: Running RAScals

News Radio 690 W.P.T.F icon

News radio 680 WPTF on Pancreatic Cancer

Rick and Donna Martinez have a morning live interview show featuring conversations with community personalities and leaders about issues that impact you.  We are happy to share the March 1, 2018 radio podcast with our own Pancreatic Cancer Experts Channing Der, PhD and Kirsten Bryant, PhD. This interview discusses common perceptions of Pancreatic Cancer; Symptoms … Continue reading News radio 680 WPTF on Pancreatic Cancer