PanCAN PurpleStride 04 -29 -2023

PurpleStride is the number one way the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCan) raises money to fight pancreatic cancer on all fronts — through research, clinical initiatives, patient services, advocacy, and nationwide volunteer support. On Saturday, April 29, 2023, 60 PurpleStride events took place across the country to honor pancreatic cancer survivors, families, and caregivers, as … Continue reading PanCAN PurpleStride 04 -29 -2023

Amber Mercedes Amparo Presentation

Amber Amparo successfully defended her senior honors thesis "Targeting mitochondrial function as a therapeutic approach for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma" on Monday, April 3rd. This thesis is a culmination of her undergraduate research in the lab of Dr. Channing Der and under the mentorship of Dr. Kristina Drizyte-Miller. Amber received the highest honors distinction from her thesis … Continue reading Amber Mercedes Amparo Presentation


Congratulations to the running RAScals for being the third fastest team at the Blue Ribbon Run this weekend! We have some marathon heroes to be proud of: Coming in first place for the Running RAScals and first place in his age group was Clint Stalnecker.  Additionally, big congrats to first time individual medalist Kristė Drizyte-Miller, who placed third … Continue reading DER LAB BLUE RIBBON RUN 2023

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Tumor Targets Panel– Ruesch Center Annual Symposium 2018 Dr. John Marshall hosted a panel at the 2018 Ruesch Center Annual Symposium focused on tumor targets. Panel guests were Dr. Eric Collisson, Dr. Channing Der, and Dr. Michael Korn. Dr. Eric Collisson discusses the emergence in oncology of a new class of drugs called PARP inhibitors. These have been more commonly used in … Continue reading Tumor Targets Panel– Ruesch Center Annual Symposium 2018

The Silvian Foundation Logo, with the motto "generosity in perpetuity"

Slomo and Cindy Silvian Foundation Support Der Lab

In November of 2017, the Der Lab was granted $30,000 from the Slomo and Cindy Silvian Foundation, Inc. to aid graduate student stipend support. This award will support Irem Dagliyan, who is completing her graduate research in the Department of Pharmacology. Irem’s research is focused on the RAF protein kinases, key effectors of KRAS-driven pancreatic cancer … Continue reading Slomo and Cindy Silvian Foundation Support Der Lab