Last night, the Der lab welcomed members and guests of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Raleigh-Durham Affiliate (PanCAN) for a talk and tour at the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Nestled in the Pagano Conference Room, Ronny Thomas, PanCAN Raleigh-Durham Affiliate Chair, introduced the night’s speakers.

As a Kenan Distinguished Professor in the Department of Pharmacology and a dedicated pancreatic cancer researcher, Dr. Channing Der explained the broad goal of his research: to delineate the molecular basis for cancer, targeting specific proteins that consistently show up with cancer cell growth. A brilliant speaker, he explained complex research in terms that everyone could appreciate and understand.

A video presentation followed. Daniel Zeitouni, an undergraduate student at UNC and Der lab member, presented a short documentary he produced regarding pancreatic cancer awareness.

Dr. Kirsten Bryant closed the night. A pancreatic cancer researcher training with Dr. Der, she lost her father to pancreatic cancer, motivating her to choose this research direction for her career.  She presented an interesting perspective about what it is like to be a bench scientist, highlighting her own work in cancer metabolism, as well as other projects in the Der Lab.

PanCAN members were then given a lab tour by members of the Der and Cox labs.


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