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On Tuesday, October 16th Pharmacology Chair Dr. Henrik G. Dohlman announced two of the 2018 Lineberger Award: Irem Dagliyan and Devon Blake.

Irem and Devon are both members of the Der Lab at the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Research Center. The annual award recognizes outstanding graduate students in the research programs at the Lineberger.

Irem is completing her graduate research in the Department of Pharmacology. Her research is focused on the RAF protein kinases, key effectors of KRAS-driven pancreatic cancer growth.

Devon is also a student in the Department of Pharmacology, with a degree focus on the regulation of MYC protein stability in pancreatic cancer. In response to the recognition, Devon says, “I’m honored to receive such a prestigious award.”

Congratulations to Irem and Devon! We are proud to have you represent the Der Lab.



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